1st Project Consultation at the UTH

1st Project Consultation at the University of Thessaly | October 2018 | Volos, Greece

The first consultation of the MED Greenhouses project for the UTH, was organized on Friday the 12th of  October 2018 at the premises of the University of Thessaly. The event took place at the central amphitheater of the School of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Thessaly, in Volos (Fytoko), under the auspices of the Laboratory of Agricultural Constructions and Environmental Control (Director: Prof. Nikolaos Katsoulas), of the Department of Agricultural Production and Rural Environment.

Prof. Dr. Nikolaos Katsoulas, the project coordinator from the University of Thessaly, welcomed the project partners and all the participants. In his speech he presented the modern technologies and innovations in the greenhouse sector, highlighting the use of geothermal energy.

Afterwards, project Coordinator Prof. Alexandros Papachatzis from the T.E.I. of Thessaly presented the MED Greenhouses project, its objectives and the expected results for every participating country. 

Mrs. Mata Papadimopoulou, representative of the Region of Thessaly talked about the role of the Region in the MED Greenhouses project and the development of the greenhouses in the region of Thessaly in general. 

Mr. Apostolos Stroggylis, representative of the construction company AGROTECHNIKI EPE, one of the largest greenhouse companies in Greece, talked about investments in the covered crops sector, financing needs and national deficits (eg bank loans). 

The next presentation was given by Mr. Nikolaos Kadoglou from Thrace Plastics. Mr. Kadoglou presented new products used in innovative greenhouses such as soil cover materials.

The final presentation was given by the representative of the Green Growth Community of the Program, INTERREG MED, Mr. Dimitrios Kokosioulis. His presentation included the actions that have to be followed for reclaiming the results and the synergies of the INTERREG MED Green Development projects.

The consultation was closed with a roundtable discussion, attended by Mr. Alexandros Papachatzis (T.E.I. of Thessaly), Mr. Taxiarchis Lambis (Gardenia Growers Group), Mr. Apostolos Stroggylis (AGROTECHNIKI LTD), Mr. Theodoros Sdroulias (Journalist, representative of the Civil Society) and Mrs. Mata Papadimopoulou (Region of Thessaly). The 5 participant representatives of four-stranded operators addressed questions from the coordinator of the debate on the problems faced by the greenhouse sector and were asked for their placement.

Check out the Consultation's Agenda in English HERE.

Check out the Consultation's Agenda in Greek HERE.