2nd Steering Committee Meeting

2nd Steering Committee Meeting | Murcia, Spain

2nd Steering Committee Meeting

20th - 21st November 2018 | Murcia, Spain

The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting of the MED Greenhouses project was organized on the 20th and 21st of November 2018 at the premises of CEBAS-CSIC in Murcia (Spain). The registration for the project beneficiaries started at 10:30 am. All project partners attended the meeting except for the Regional Council of Berat (PP6) that had already informed that their representatives could not be present at the meeting; PP6 was informed about all issues that would be discussed.

Mr. Juan Jose Alarcon, project co-ordinator from CEBAS-CSIC, welcomed the project partners at 11:00 am, following the agenda.

Afterwards, Mr. Nikolaos Katsoulas - from the University of Thessaly (PP1) -  continues with WP2 session related project communication and synergies.

TEI of Thessaly presented Monitoring Deliverables and planning of future activities for the 2nd Semester and an open discussion were held.

Several partners made a summary of the consultations they have carried out so far, in which, topics such as financing and political commitment to promote innovation in greenhouses were covered.

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The 3rd Steering Commitment will be held in France on May 2019.

The final conference of the project will be held in Larissa on June 2019.

Presentation of the 1st Semester progress:

Overall Progress and update on Management

Progress Reports

Project Indicators

Financial Progress

Project Evaluation

Issues, goals and next steps

Open discussion