Final Steering Committee Meeting

Final Steering Committee Meeting| Volos, Greece

3rd December 2019 | Volos, Greece

The Final Steering Committee Meeting took place on the 3rd December 2019 at the premises of University of Thessaly, Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Enviroment, in Volos, Greece.

The Lead Partner had the opportunity to present the 3nd Semester's progress and give an update on Management activities.

According to the agenda, the following topics were discussed:

-Study visit to the Innovative Greenhouses in Velestino

-Welcome speech from Project Coordinator & Communication Manager

-Overall Progress of WP1 activities,

-Progress Reports

-Project Indicators

-Financial features, including expenditures and remaining budget

-Project’s Final Evaluation Report

-Issues that need to be taken into consideration for the smoothly project’s closure